a brand focused on repurposing vintage evening wear by Olivia Horan


The environmental impact of making a wedding gown is not so sweet- especially when the garment itself is only designed to be worn once. This collection of For Good Luck tops repurposes vintage wedding gowns to not only give them a second life- but to honor the woman who wore it on the happiest day of her life by re-creating the garment that made her feel so beautiful and loved. By dying these gowns from white to color, it breaks down the societal tradition of why brides wear white. Women are supposed to be these angelic, dainty, virginal beings which is represented by the white dress. We are so much more than that. The redesign of these dresses from gowns to tops focuses on the flattering, corseted fit, beautiful lace details, and dreamy fabrics. Now they can be worn with jeans and thrown on to dance, get a latte, take down the patriarchy, go to Trader Joes, and of course fall in love.

Creative direction: @livihoran & @sylvieserant

Photographer: @a.gentle.wind

Set assistants: @jiminounyc & @melanieramirez

MUA: @kaylahamiltonmakeup

— The prom Collection —

Vintage evening gowns that were once a special memory now reincarnated into sweet tops that can be worn with your favorite pair of Levi’s. Each piece of this collection has a story— which I think adds a bit of good luck. Hand sewn and sourced in NYC.


A huge thank you to 

Lucy McDonald- Photographer 

Natalie Mulesky- Make-up Artist

Isaac Cohn and Kayla Hamilton for helping with sewing needs!!

Jo Rosenthal, Leah Nasgowitz, Sammi Quinn, Nia Porter, Lucy Johnson, Jian Hong, Laura Walton, Vanessa Guasvivas and Emma Ortiz 

Logo Design and Tags designed by Julia Feingold ( @j_fein )